Common Forms of Residential Drywall Repair in Blair, NE

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The need for residential drywall repair is common in busy homes. Sometimes it is due to poor workmanship during installation, and other times, home activity like roughhousing kids or fast-moving doorknobs also become the bane of drywall. Here are some common types of residential drywall repair in Blair, NE that we can perform for you:

  • Removing cosmetic blemishes: Nail holes, gashes, scrapes and nicks often occur during installation. Tool scoring from inexperienced workers also causes blemishes. These are usually sanded away, filled and then left to dry. Once that is complete, we can paint over the blemished area and make it look new again.
  • Addressing nail pops: This occurs when drywall screws are not properly set. As the home settles and the walls flex and bend, the screws or nails eventually pop out. Repairs involve screwing or nailing them into a more secure spot and filling the original hole. Sealing, priming and painting normally follow.
  • Patching holes: Likely the most common injury to drywall, holes develop when doors do not have springs behind them, so a wildly opened door leaves a hole where the doorknob hits the wall. Flying objects and kids playing forbidden indoor sports in the house also wreak havoc on drywall. We can patch the hole with aluminum or fiberglass reinforcement and restore the damaged spot back to new.
  • Recovery from electrical or plumbing issues: When something goes horribly wrong with electrical or plumbing, there is a good likelihood that the drywall will suffer, too. This may result from a repair technician attempting to get to the damaged spot, and that often means tearing down the drywall—especially when it is an emergency repair. Fire and water can also damage drywall and make it necessary for us to replace whole sections. If you experience one of these unfortunate incidents and see your drywall suffered consequences, give us a call so we can restore it.
  • Fixing tears: Drywall tears result when homeowners install wallpaper on unprimed walls. It is a bad nightmare for designers, and an unpleasant surprise for new homeowners who want to change out the wallpaper. The lack of primer makes it impossible to remove or replace wallpaper without destroying the surface of the drywall. There will often be surface tears and other blemishes that make a smooth reapplication of paint or wallpaper impossible. Our efforts remove remaining paint or wallpaper, resurface the drywall, fill any cracks and tears and then prime the surface so you can move forward with your project.
  • Stain removal: Your drywall can develop stains from water damage or activities inside the house, like toddlers scribbling on walls or other unauthorized activity by your children. Water damage is the worst among these, since it can lead to mold and mildew growth if it is not addressed. First, fix any leaks if you have water stains on your drywall. After that, we can make repairs and prime the surface so you can paint or replace wallpaper.

If you require residential drywall repair in Blair, NE, contact Hicks Drywall LLC today. We look forward to restoring the condition of your drywall.

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