Common Hazards of Do-It-Yourself Residential Drywall Installation in Blair, NE

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Even if you have some do-it-yourself experience, residential drywall installation in Blair, NE is a good job to delegate to professionals. Many of the mistakes you make can be more expensive to fix than any fees you pay when you hire professionals to do this in the first place. Here are six common mistakes with drywall that should convince you to call a drywall contractor instead of trying this out yourself:

  • Installing the wrong type: Homeowners frequently assume all drywall is the same. However, there are many types, including standard, moisture-resistant, lightweight and fire-resistant. This can lead to confusion on what your home needs. We offer experience and insight that could reveal that moisture-resistant is more appropriate for certain rooms. Also, we have access to other varieties like impact- or mold-resistant that may not be available at your local hardware store. We will take the time to explain the different types and why one may work better for your plans.
  • Bad cutting: Drywall does not have a specific strength axis, and that can make cutting and shaping difficult. If you have high cathedral ceiling or an odd-shaped room, there is a good chance that you will cut the drywall wrong and experience its failure in the future. Professional installers know how to shape drywall so that it remains strong and reliable.
  • Bad mounting: Just as there is not just one single type of drywall, there are also different types of drywall screws. Choosing the wrong type can result in a bad surprise later when your wall comes apart. The same is true with drywall tape, as there are varieties that work better for different projects. Rather than relying on a website of DIY advice, we use experience to determine the best way to mount drywall so it remains stable in the future.
  • Rushed job: Drywall installation is frequently time consuming to do correctly, and if you have one Saturday or weekend to finish it, time will work against you—especially if this is a new project for you. Rushing through this job skips essential steps, which can lead to expensive repairs later. When you delegate this task, it will take the time it needs and get finished correctly the first time.
  • Gapping: If you attempt to crowd drywall where it does not fit, or cut it incorrectly, there will be gaps between sections. Many people attempt to cover these with drywall tape, and that is never a good idea if you want secure walls. This can be a result of inexperience or being rushed. Hiring a professional avoids the mistakes that lead to gapping.
  • Improper tools: Drywall professionals carry a variety of tools with them so they can solve problems and finish the work quicker. Most homeowners do not have access to these tools, and it makes little sense to buy them since you will never need them again. Since we do this for a living, we keep the necessary tools on hand and arrive prepared to face any challenges that arise.

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