Soundproofing Walls of Movie Theaters: Tips from Acoustical Contractors in Blair, NE

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Have you ever sat inside a movie theater and wondered how it is you aren’t able to hear the loud movies right next door to you? The answer lies in the soundproofing designs and materials used when building the theater. At Hicks Drywall LLC, we provide acoustical contracting services to soundproof movie theaters and other types of buildings.

There are two general designs movie theaters use to soundproof their rooms. One is the “room within a room” design. You’ve likely noticed that movie theaters have extremely thick walls. This is because they’re actually designed as separate rooms inside of a larger room to help reduce sound transference. The other most common design feature is sound baffles, which are set up on the side walls in most theaters. These baffles bounce the sound back into the theater, rather than allowing it to seep through the wall.

To be able to soundproof a room, you need certain materials. Here are a few of the most common soundproofing materials used by our acoustical contractors in Blair, NE:

  • Soundproofing drywall: Specialty soundproofing drywall features five total layers. Each side features a strong paper that’s resistant to abrasion, followed by a special viscoelastic polymer. The inside is the soundproofing drywall material. The way these materials are divided prevents sound from traveling through the drywall sheet, ultimately deadening it.
  • Soundproofing insulation: Insulation products are most known for their ability to stop heat transference, but they also help to deaden sound as well. There are many different types of insulation, any of which will dampen sound at least to some extent. There are some forms of insulation, however, that are specifically designed to dampen sound and isolate noise within a room. We use these types of insulation when working on rooms that must be soundproofed.
  • Acoustical panels: Acoustical panels look like a set of peaks of softer types of materials, almost like foam. They absorb sound and capture it. Any sound that manages to escape this absorption then gets reflected back at the other parts of the panel, which gives additional chances for that sound to then be captured and absorbed.
  • Drapes and curtains: You’ve likely been inside theaters or auditoriums that have very thick draperies and curtains. These serve as an older style of soundproofing system. Their thick materials and layers help to absorb sound while also adding a nice aesthetic touch to any room in which they’re placed.
  • Floors and ceilings: Many theaters choose to add soundproofing elements to floors and ceilings as well as to the walls. Most theaters are carpeted, which provides excellent sound dampening. Specific types of carpets provide even more sound absorption. Ceilings can also use acoustical panels or suspended soundproofing baffles and panels to help manage sound and prevent it from leaving the room.

Have soundproofing needs in your movie theater or other facility? Contact us at Hicks Drywall LLC and we will be happy to have our acoustical contractors in Blair, NE come to you.

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